Let the light illuminate your path to success

as it did for me...

So who am I and how did I come to the point of creating this movement?

To start my journey, I was born and raised in a small country in the Balkans.

Now, if you’ve heard about the Balkans or ever got the chance to visit, then you will know what a jungle of a place it is, and growing up among so many predators led me to fall a victim to some false beliefs that basically ruined my life and brought me to the very rock bottom one can touch.

However, thanks to my mentor Ralph Smart, who I was lucky enough to find on YouTube, I got my mind reprogrammed and my beliefs replaced with new ones that helped me rise from the darkness, turned my fear into my friend, and become a light that others can follow.

What is the Extended Universe?

It is the lighthouse that I use to project my light onto you, the one tiny spot of light that someone can see across their days filled with gloom, and one of the things that I use to grow even more throughout my life.

This movement stands for prosperity, love, joy, freedom, abundance, compassion and our purpose is to impact a positive change in the world, making it a better place for living!

On our website you can find content from a motivational, inspirational, educational, and eye-opening character that is most likely to help you grow and evolve to a better version of yourself.

We believe that the world as you know it, is a lie.

The image of the world that you have been shown is just an illusion made to distract you from achieving prosperity and tapping into the great power that lies within you, and all these distractions are created with a final purpose to enslave you and make you another battery that charges up the system.

The system was created by the human ego-mind and its foundation is based on a hierarchical structure where a small number of people are at the top of the pyramid and get the chance to experience greater freedom compared to the ones that are positioned on the lower levels of the pyramid.

Many people, blinded by the illusions that the system created for them, fight to rise higher on the pyramid and experience some greater power, not realizing that the pyramid is the illusion that the system created and in fact, there is no pyramid at all!

Since our youngest age, we are being taught a lie about how the world looks like and as we grow up we just accept the lie that we’ve been taught for years and we believe in it so blindly that we chase something that does not even exist.

People are chasing titles, money, fame, material possessions, and all the things that the society as a collective decided are worth having, and once they get to catch up with what they’ve been chasing for so long, they are already lost deeply in the illusion and don’t even realize that they’ve lost valuable things as it is their inner peace, their mental freedom, the love that they were born with, the sense of being humane towards other life forms and so much more.

This is your way out of the system

On this website, you are gonna find information that is gonna impact a huge change in your mind, the way you think and look at things, and will make you question some of the common beliefs that you’ve had your entire life that may be holding you back from prosperity and success.

You are gonna learn about the core beliefs that guide your entire existence and in fact, you are gonna have your core beliefs replaced with beliefs that will allow you to experience greater power, mental clarity, inner peace and abundance, and are more likely to help you prosper in life, experience financial freedom, mental freedom, and many more forms of freedom.

We are happy to have you here and hope you remain with us for the long run!