Who are we?

My name is Mike Masters and I am the creator of this movement called the Extended Universe.

Extended Universe is a movement with a purpose to awaken humanity to their true power and show people that life doesn’t have to be wasted living in a victim mentality, always being used as a cheap replaceable stock, and help them realize that they have the power to manifest the life they’ve been always dreaming about!

We are on a mission to make the world a better place for living and we are here to support everyone who is on the same path as us, regardless of what their role is and how they contribute to the cause.

This movement has a clear purpose to elevate you, help you evolve to the next level, manifest the life of your dreams, achieve financial freedom and independence, find the love of your life, and all your true reflections out there in the world.

life is too short to pass it merely existing

As someone who has experienced the ugly side of life, one advice I can give you is to live your life to the fullest!

Most people on the planet are getting enough by satisfying their basic needs as it is food, water, a shelter to spend the night at and they don’t even try to achieve something greater in life..

It is okay to appreciate what you have, but never settle for a life of mediocracy when you have the potential to achieve far beyond what you can imagine.

join us on this beautiful journey

We are here to motivate you, help you maintain mental clarity, achieve financial freedom and independence and manifest all of those dreams that you’ve been having lately.

On this website you will find our recent Youtube video updates, but also some blog posts that we create for our most loyal followers and can’t be found anywhere else!

We also have a members only area where we share additional contents with life-changing information that has the power to transform your life and turn it into a beautiful journey.

don't let life pass you by

Give your thanks

One of the best things that can happen to a creator who is working to fulfill a certain purpose is to get a confirmation that they’ve actually made an impact and fulfilled their purpose.

So if I ever inspired you or helped you with my videos, posts or on any other way and you want to make my day by letting me know about it, drop a thank you message bellow

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