So, you wanna join the members portal?

Looking at all the value we provide for free, I would like to join it too because, if we give so much value for free, imagine what would you get inside the members portal, and to be honest, who wouldn’t want such great power at their disposal… but the question is, are you ready to handle what you are going to see, learn and realize upon joining?

You see, many people crave greater power, they crave information that will help them see things that they are incapable of seeing otherwise and they are willing to invest whatever it takes to get access to that information.

However, in these times on earth that we live in, information is expensive and not everyone can get access to the beliefs that the people on the top of the pyramid have, and it’s not like you are missing out on something in life by not having those beliefs, but if you had them, everything would have been different for you…

Now to give you some relief and hope, some of that information has been popping out here and there across the web lately but if you want to access them, you really have to know where to look!

Anyway, I got them all here packed for you, and not only that you get access to life changing beliefs that will shift your perception, but you also become part of our movement that stands for freedom, prosperity, love, and abundance, and you get the chance to become part of a bigger game that the masses don’t even know exist!

Here is what to expect on the inside

How much does it cost?

Because we want to give everyone the opportunity to join this community and grow along with the rest of us, we decided to price the membership with an affordable monthly fee of X$

Please do not allow your ego or the fear of rejection to prevent you from applying because we want you as part of our family as much as you want to join and the reason we use this system of “apply to join” is not to put us in the position of power but to prevent the wrong people from entering this sacred place.

So if you are someone who feels as if you belong here and if you know your worth, there is no reason to be afraid to apply, just get over your ego and fill out the survey.

One more thing...

Once you enter the members portal you will be considered as a part of the family and the more you contribute to the cause, the more appreciated you’ll be.

You being on this website is not a coincidence since not many people get the chance to ever land here, and by no means you should miss out on the opportunity to apply for membership because tomorrow, the applications may get closed and the system of joining may change to invite-only.

How to apply?

If you feel called to be part of our inner circle and join our members portal so you can gain access to the inside of our website that only approved members* can access then fill in the form below and wait for a follow-up email from us.


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We will use some of the information you provide to form a price for your membership, please provide accurate information since once you get on the inside we are supposed to build a relationship and everything that is built on lies will crash and crumble sooner or later.

We promise to keep this information safe and secure and never misuse or sell it to a third party!