We all influence each other in our daily life through regular interactions whether we are aware of it or not. Even with the simplest conversations, you are being influenced by your friends and family members, and they are being influenced by you as well. However, once you get conscious about it, you can consciously choose in which way you will influence them, and not only that you influence them, but you also influence the people that they will interact with after your hangout.

Before the media came into play this was the only way that people used to influence each other, today you can influence people by sharing a Facebook post, Instagram story, or a Twitter status update.

Many people are even being paid to influence the masses and lead them in a certain direction, some of them leading people in the wrong direction just to secure their bags while some of them with the final purpose to secure a better future for the world and humanity as species.

You as an individual have the power to influence all the people around you and push a domino effect of your preferred influence into some smaller circles where your close people hang out. However, the more eyes you have pointed towards you, the bigger reach your influence has, and the more people are being affected by your words and actions.

Nowadays, with a little bit of financial investment, and a lot of commitment you can create your own influence platform and use it to attract as many people’s attention as you can, and with that, influence all of them without them even being aware of your impact on their lives.

It is also important whose eyes are pointed towards you, because if your creation inspires someone who has pointed a million eyes towards them then you are indirectly influencing million people.

How you can be the key to a brighter future?

Every one of us has our own gifts and talents and once you discover what are your special abilities, you can use them to create a world where people will love and respect each other, help the ones in need, share with each other selflessly, spread positivity and help people realize how every one of us can be happily playing their role in this world while enjoying every moment of their life.

So how to discover what your special abilities are?

First of all, you want to try a lot of things. Try writing, drawing, poetry, digital art, coding, web design, playing the guitar, gardening, swimming, dancing, singing, kung-fu, or anything else that you feel naturally attracted to.

Usually, this is a process that requires special attention because you want to experience the true nature of whatever you are doing, so don’t push yourself to try it all at once, rather try them one by one and pay close attention to how that something makes you feel because that will be important later on when you choose your few main interests and develop them into special abilities that will not only help you build a better world but also help you prosper in life, become financially independent and support the ones who were supporting you while you were building your set of skills and special abilities.

After you found yourself enjoying doing certain activities, you can start practicing them often as a way to improve and become better at it so tomorrow when an opportunity comes in your life you can be prepared to grab the chance and fulfill your greatest desire.

Do not let anyone push you to do something they believe you will be good at if you feel resistant towards that something.

This is usually a behavior that parents have towards their kids. When a parent has an unfulfilled dream, they try to push their kid to try all those things they never got the chance to try and live the dream not realizing that the kid may not be sharing the same dream as them. Or worse than that, parents choose what their kids will do just to fulfill some standards that society approves. If you are a parent, do your part by allowing your child to naturally choose their interests and hobbies and support them while testing out, because tomorrow, they may be the ones who will change the world.