The Hidden Knowledge Library

If you are here and already reading this, it means that you are probably a deep diver and you are interested in esoteric knowledge and deep stuff and that is so amazing because here you are going to find some of the hidden secrets of the universe that I came across and took a record of over the years.

5 things standing in your way of MANIFESTING BIG
If you are stuck in a repetitive cycle of pushing yourself further away from the things that you want...
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Mental exercises to go next level
Practicing these 4 mental exercises that will take you next level is one of the best things you can do...
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Why do I feel depressed?
Thinking about why do I feel depressed I came to realize the 4 biggest joy thefts that are responsible...
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The hidden secrets to success 📚
Following these 5 secrets to success that no one else will tell you about you will learn how to be successful...
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2022 World Predictions by Mike Masters
My 2022 world predictions video for the forecast for this year and the events that are going to take...
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How to open your third eye (decalcify your pineal gland)
If you ever wondered how to open your third eye and how to decalcify your pineal gland then you are in...
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Quote of the day

I can't remember a quote at this moment, but if I could have done it, I guarantee it would have been something crazy good! - Mike Masters 2021

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Times have changed

As the world is changing, so are we changing, and since the times have changed drastically, we have to implement drastic changes in our lives as well...

Starting with the first change being the increase of value, we are going through times on the planet where everything and everyone is increasing their values

That is why we have to increase our value too!

Now don't panic, just keep reading...

When we say "WE" we mean everyone in this community including you, including us!

Think about this, how did you define your self-worth, and what made you start off with this price?

Your experience, the amount of knowledge, and all the confidence you had at the moment were crucial when you were defining how much are you gonna charge for your service but now it has all changed!

After so much time of you doing this thing, you have gained even more experience, became even more confident, and improved the service that you are offering and this new improved version of yourself can't be sold for the same price.

That's why we encourage you to increase your price and feel comfortable informing all your clients about the new change while knowing that this change will impact your business in a positive manner and bring you, fresh clients.

We are also proud to announce the launching of our new program "Program Name" which is available exclusively for members that are already part of the Members Portal and can not be accessed by anyone outside of it!

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You may have heard about this way too many times but with great power comes great responsibility and we ask you to use the knowledge you obtain here responsibly and try to keep it out of the wrong hands because the wrong people may use it for the wrong reasons.

The information shared here is meant to empower you and help you become a better version of yourself so we ask you to use them for our personal benefit 

By this we mean try to keep it to yourself unless you are speaking with a conscious mind who knows what 

Use the knowledge you gathered for your own benefit, but don't share it outside of our community

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